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While the generic dating advice is useful, there’s also some more specific advice from one lesbian to another.

You can also take a look at our Success Stories, which feature real members and their experiences.

CONNECT with people who love to read, and make a new penpal.

Our members are ALL ages, from ALL OVER THE WORLD, everyone is welcome!

Do you miss the right partner to do something interesting or exciting together?

How nice it would be to find a partner who likes the same things you do?

✍ FINDING A PENPAL ✍Finding a Pen Pal ✉ Penpal Age Groups ✉ Pen Pal Interests 📅 AUGUST NEWSLETTER 📅 📚 GROUP READS 📚Saga Vol 1 💬 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 💬 🎲 *NEWEST* CHALLENGES & ACTIVITIES 🎲🔱Pen Pal MATCHING Aug-Oct *NEW*🧙N. Our members are ALL ages, from ALL OVER THE WORLD, everyone is welcome!Would not that be the perfect combination for a wonderful relationship?How is it if the wife or the girlfriend has total different interests and hobbys?Isn't that a bit tiring, forcing yourself to be interested in something you are not interested at all just for the reason to please her? After the first step, continue with the next steps. You are searching for a hiking buddy to explore the mountains together and climb to the top? A flirt to make you grey everyday life a bit more colourful? A penpal to share the bad and the good sides of everyday life?And if you ignore her interests and do what you want to do, how is it just to be together for eating and sleeping together but nothing more? To find the right partner who shares your interests. Or someone for language exchange whom you teach your native language or you learn his or her native language? Of course it is also possible to search someone through profiles, but the real search should happen through the contact ads. The amount of contact attempts and exchanged messages is not limited.

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