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Nimiq 4i was replaced with Nimiq 4i R as it ran out of fuel on April 28, 2007 and was de-orbited.Both Nimiq 3 and Nimiq 4i R feature 16 Ku-band transponders.Express Vu launched service in September 1997, initially as "Dish Network Canada", followed by "Express Vu Dish Network", in both cases using the Echostar logo.Bell took over full ownership of Express Vu by 2000.High technology development costs and delays placed Tee-Comm in a severe financial position, prompting the remaining partners to pull out in 1996. The Hughes Direc TV system had already been optioned to Power Broadcasting, in Canada; it has since been withdrawn.Tee-Comm on its own managed to launch the first DBS service in Canada, Alpha Star, in early 1997; however, in a matter of months the company went bankrupt and the service was discontinued, leaving thousands of consumers with useless receivers (although with some reconfiguration, could be used to receive unencrypted FTA channels).Bell TV services are also repackaged and resold by Telus as Telus Satellite TV, in areas where the latter company's Optik IPTV services are unavailable.

Nimiq 2 provides HDTV, international programming, and all newly released channels. In February 2006, Nimiq 3 was moved behind Nimiq 2 to support it, while another satellite, Nimiq 4i (formerly Direc TV2), took Nimiq 3's spot behind Nimiq 1.

The two satellites are owned and operated by Telesat Canada.

Bell's uplink site is located in North York, Toronto, Ontario.

Channels in the "Best" tier can still be purchased in theme packages, and existing customers with older plans are grandfathered.

This also does not affect other regions such as Quebec, where there are different types of plans.

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