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Judith lived a luxurious life on Alan's alimony until she got remarried to Dr.Herb Melnick (also known as Greg Melnick in earlier episodes), Jake's pediatrician (Ryan Stiles), which meant Alan didn't have to pay her alimony anymore.The Miami outpost of this London private members' club is found just north of South Beach in lush oceanfront digs.The property is a magnet for celebrities and the local crowd, and boasts two pools, multiple restaurants, exclusive programming and the Cowshed spa.

Alan used to be married to Judith , who is the mother of their son Jake, then Judith divorced Alan.

Evelyn Harper - Mother Frank Harper - Father Harry Luther Gorsky - Ex-Stepfather Don Thomas - Stepfather Luther King - Stepfather Teddy Leopold - Stepfather Marty Pepper - Current Stepfather Judith Harper-Melnick - Ex-Wife Kandi - Ex-Wife Jake Harper - Son Louis Schmidt - Adopted Son Milly Melnick - Possible Daughter Charlie Harper - Brother Gloria - Possible Half-Sister Jenny Harper - Niece Lenore - Ex-Mother-in-Law Sheldon - Ex-Father-in-Law Mandi - Ex-Mother-in-Law Andi - Ex-Father-in-Law Liz - Ex-Sister-in-Law Betsy - Ex-Sister-in-Law Rose - Sister-in-Law Lyndsey Mc Elroy (Fiancé) Gretchen (Ex-Fiancé) Walden Schmidt (Ex-Husband)Unnamed Daughter In Law Unnamed 3 Step Grandchildren Blindsided by my son... Alan's second wife, Kandi (April Bowlby), was one of Charlie's former girlfriends.

He seems to have little faith in Jake due to his lazy and unmotivated attitude.

The oceanfront hotel is found in Miami Beach's mid-beach neighbourhood, just north of South Beach and next door to the famed Fontainebleau hotel.

It's slightly removed from the tourist attractions of South Beach, but these are easily accessible in a five-minute drive.

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