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‘My advice to others who are thinking about trying it?Don’t.’ ‘My fiancee and I met at a speed dating night.‘I went home mortified, with no boyfriend and no matches.’ ‘I’ve been to quite a few speed dating nights but there’s one that stands out.‘During one very drunken Date in a Dash event in the West End, two of the other guests disappeared to the toilets during the break.‘I’d tried speed dating numerous times before I met him, but most of the men were much older than the suggested demographic for the group.‘Some were drunk, some had no idea that sweat pants weren’t a suitable outfit and others thought it was okay to bad-mouth the other women in the room.

DAB Swansea Area) & AM 📱Or follow live here: #WALv IRE SI4g Byv 🙌 We're under way at the Principality Stadium, can Wales build some more momentum ahead of the Rugby World Cup? ‘At the same time as I stepped forward, a woman – the twin-set and pearls type – shouted “I don’t think anyone here is the sort of person to have a tattoo”.‘The rest of the evening was spent answering questions about my tattoo.‘In 2012, my boyfriend and I were on a break, so I decided to go along to a speed dating night in Richmond.‘He started shouting in front of everyone and the room went silent. ‘Especially since he kept screaming, to the point where the organiser got up and asked us to ‘take it downstairs’.

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