Are kerry katona and daniel whiston dating

Kerry also shares daughter Heidi, 11, and son Maxwell, 10, with her second husband taxi driver Mark Croft.

There's also has a three-year-old daughter, Dylan Jorge (known as DJ), with third husband George Kay. She briefly dated Scottish reality TV star and comedian James English, but they split after two months of dating.

History may be written by the victors but we all know the interesting stuff, the sex scandals, are chronicled by salacious gossips and gifted storytellers.

From the blood red sauce of the Jacobean tragedies to the tabloid game, set and match of the…

Kerry Katona has been a household name ever since she found fame as a member of pop girl group Atomic Kitten.That same year, Kerry appeared in Celebrity Big Brother alongside TOWIE's Amy Childs, Jedward, Darryn Lyons, Sally Bercow, Lucien Laviscount and Tara Reid among others.But she ultimately lost out on winning the show after coming second in the voting in the final against Paddy Doherty.series 1 Daniel whiston with gaynor faye series 2 melanie Lambert with kyran bracken series 3 Matt evers with suzanne shaw series 4 maria fillipov with ray Quinn series 5 Daniel whiston with hayley tammadon series 6 still competing i… Whiston has written: 'Power of a new life' -- subject(s): Bible, Christian life, Commentaries, Congregational authors 'Are you fun to live with?

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James 'Arg' Argent and Lydia Bright are back together.

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