Acceptable slump for self consolidating grout

It can also be used as an indicator of an improperly mixed batch.The test is popular due to the simplicity of apparatus used and simple procedure.Another way of determining slump is to use an automated slump meter.

It states in the procedure that when the cone is removed, it should be lifted up vertically, without any rotational movement at all.

In 2013 ASTM C94/C94M was revised to allow water additions during transit for trucks equipped with automated slump monitoring and measurement systems.

ASTM's cement and concrete standards are instrumental in the evaluation and testing of concrete, cement, and aggregates.

Each time, each layer is tamped 25 times with a 2 ft (600 mm)-long bullet-nosed metal rod measuring At the end of the fourth stage, the concrete is struck off flush with the top of the mould.

The mould is carefully lifted vertically upwards, so as not to disturb the concrete cone. The slump of the concrete is measured by measuring the distance from the top of the slumped concrete to the level of the top of the slump cone.

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The cone is placed on a hard non-absorbent surface.

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