Accelerator mass spectrometry dating

Hosted by the Institute of Physics - Centre for Science and Education, Silesian University of Technology, will be held in Gliwice, Poland.

3rd International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference.

As an example bones are treated as follows: Several of these procedures are done in an automated continuous flow system.

After chemical pre-treatment, the samples are burnt to produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

- any chronological tool to the 13th International Conference “Methods of Absolute Chronology”, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland.

Sample sizes are thus typically 1000 times smaller allowing a much greater choice of samples and enabling very selective chemical pre-treatment.

See also specific advantages for Archaeology, Art History, Environmental Science and Biological Tracer Studies Small sample sizes do have their disadvantages too: greater mobility within deposits and more difficulty in controlling contaminants.

A small amount of this gas is bled into a mass spectrometer where the stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen are measured.

These ratios provide useful information on the purity of the sample and clues about the diet and climatic conditions of the living organism.

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