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i was going to get her some flowers and a card and maybe some candy, but that seems incredibly lame. i know all miscers are very successful with the ladies, so please let me know what you think!maybe i should have planned a little better, but its just a 6 month anniversary...something small would work. inb4 no more bachelor's life Lolwut you and your wife have been together for 6 months?

Both have been absolutely incredible, so I figured I would look back on them in this little letter to you. After meeting you, talking to you and awkwardly trying to flirt with you, I knew this wasn't the last time we would be talking.

And of course, we would have our occasional movie day when we would watch some of our favorite movies together since you have pretty much every movie under the sun.

The stories that we've shared on these days have made us so close and I could not be happier.

Fast-foward a week or two to our first date, which was a day full of activities.

First we went for sushi and stuffed our faces while talking about anything and everything, and I just remember from the beginning it was just so easy to talk to you and it's one of the many things I love about you.

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